New Year, New Start

New Year's Day is a day for looking back, but also a day for resolutions and fresh starts. New Year's resolutions need not be related to dropping weight or working out. You can also resolve to fix your finances.

Credit card debt, late payments, missed bills... they can all add up to wear you down and break your spirit. But, this doesn't need to be the case. It might not seem like you have options (credit card companies don't want you to think you do!), but you do. Just a few options at your disposal:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy- if you qualify, it wipes out most types of debt (credit cards, medical bills, payday loans, creditor lawsuits, etc) AND allows you to keep ALL of your property!
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy- a bankruptcy reorganization, Chapter 13 provides lots of options. You can pay back taxes, catch up a mortgage deep in arrears, pay credit cards at 0% interest. It's a great way to get your finances in order with Court protection.
  • Debt settlement negotiations- I can also negotiate directly with your creditors. They know I can file a bankruptcy, so they are a lot more open to listening to my offers than your own experience with creditors would make you believe.

There is no reason to let your finances and debt weigh on your thoughts going into 2016. The law is often on your side, so use it! You can be feeling the relief you have been hoping for before the weather turns warm.

I always offer a free, in-person consultation. Contact us to set one up today. I'm an experienced Pittsburgh bankruptcy attorney who has helped countless people just like you. I'm happy to listen, discuss, and plan with you. Let's make 2016 a happier, financially healthier, year for you!